Full Circle Feedback


The Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile is the perfect next step on the Insights Discovery® journey, representing a natural next step along the path to increased self-awareness.

The profile increases the understanding and perception of one’s self to include an insight into the perception others have of our preferences, providing a fresh and rich perspective into personal approach, style and impact.           

To generate the data, the individual must complete an Insights Discovery® Full Circle evaluator. Following this, their feedback group (which can be made up of 5-12 of their peers, colleagues and other relevant agents) will complete a similar evaluator in which they will provide feedback on the individual. All feedback can be either named or anonymous.

This programmes results in a profile that combines your self-perception with the perceptions of those in your feedback group. This allows individuals to explore their strengths as well as their areas which need development in order to improve their professional and personal relationships.

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