Deeper Discovery

Deeper_Discovery_Archetypes.jpgInsights Deeper Discovery® makes personal breakthroughs that lead to business breakthroughs. Unlock your individual and team potential and focus on professional development and personal growth as you move beyond the Insights® Discovery Model and use the colour energies to unlock a new level of self-awareness.

Building upon the well-known Insights Discovery® model, Deeper Discovery delves deeper in to the psyche creating an insightful and inspiring experience for individuals and teams. In addition to the information detailed in the Insights Discovery® profile, Deeper Discovery explores participant’s hopes and fears, as well as the legacy they hope to leave behind.

This natural extension of Insights Discovery® uses the new Deeper Discovery Wheel to help participants discover their potential in an engaging and memorable way and apply their learning to the workplace. 


  • Individuals will develop a deeper level of self-awareness & understanding, allowing them to radically alter their approach to life and work.
  • Teams will lay out their purpose, which they will use to give their work direction and create their legacy.
  • People will understand more about what motivates and inspires them allowing them to before better leaders and managers.
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