Treasure Hunts have always been one of the most popular corporate events. At BlueSky, we have developed some of the most inspiring and ingenious treasure hunts using Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. Our set of hunts are excellent for splitting up conferencing days, boosting morale and motivating your team for the remainder of the day.


Late last night, a group of Infiltrators stole the control codes to Europe's 30 Galileo satellites... and you have to get them back! Watch out for hostile agents, establish contact with friends, be on alert and use the tools that are handed to you. The Infiltrator is an exciting, nerve-wrecking game that is guaranteed to heighten your sense of alertness and challenge your team in a totally unique way. The urban-set spy game that will challenge even the coolest team, as the deadline approaches your nervous energy will be on high alert - only you can stop the hostile agents!


Our entire portfolio of Smartphone treasure hunts can easily be set up for small to large groups and can be tailored to either one of our, or your own preferred venue. We will ensure that they will be fully involved and on level terms regardless of their abilities. The unique mix of mental, tactical and knowledge-based challenges in a competitive environment will also ensure the team will be fully energized and exhilerated on their return to the office.

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