Target 10


Treasure Hunts have always been one of the most popular corporate team building activities. BlueSky have now developed some of the industry's most inspiring treasure hunts using Samsung Tab 4 Tablets.


Target 10 combines strategic thinking with creative problem solving! The teams are challenged to take their picture at up to 10 famous locations withing the city using vehicles such as taxis, minis or Land Rovers. Each site is worth different points and time is limited. On the way there, teams also get tricky quiz questions on the Tablets provided - but there's a catch... As more teams visit the same site, less points are awarded. The challenge lies in figuring out how the other teams will plan and execute their strategy and try to pick the less popular spots! This challenge is a great way for your team to see and experience the culture of a new city.


Our entire portfolio of Tablet treasure hunts are easy to set up for small to large group sizes and can be tailored to any venue. They will ensure that they will be fully involved and on level terms regardless of their abilities. The unique mix of mental, tactical and knowledge based challenges in a competitive environment will also ensure the team will be fully energized and exhilarated on their return to the office.

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