Raft Building

In teams, delegates must compete in numerous games and challenges in order to win resources they can use to build their rafts. These challenges combine effective team building learnings with a fun element in a way that fully engages all participants.

Once the teams have their equipment and resources, they must build the best raft they can within the allotted time ready for the head to head races.

The winning team will be the fastest across two lengths of the BlueSky pond (or relative waterway if activity is off-site).


This activity promotes interaction amongst participants across all levels of the organisation. Delegate’s time and resource management skills will be tested and they will be required to work together in a way that develops their team working skills, ready to be transferred back to the workplace.


As the teams are working together to build their rafts, they will quickly learn that communication is integral to their success. Working with each other and supporting one another in a fun, physical setting is a great way to embed the learnings from the day. Teams will also grow from placing trust in one another, especially out on the water, where they must row as one to win the race and avoid going round in circles!

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