Lost at BlueSky 

Heard of or seen the hit TV series LOST - well now you and your team can take on the challenge.  Your whole team will be whisked away in blacked out vehicles to a site of complete carnage, a crash site within dense woodland.  Now you are all lost! Will you all pull together as a team, can you search the crash site to find useful devices and materials to help you discover where you are, travel to a site of safety and create a signal enabling your rescuers to lead you to safety.



Everyone in the team will have their senses tested to the full and the initial adrenaline and panic should be replaced with the formulation of a plan. This plan will hopefully allow the team to navigate out of the dense woodland to a site of sanctuary where the team can climb the tallest tree as a look out post, create shelters and fires with natural materials, testing their bush skills and eventually designing, building and launching a ballistic signalling device.


The team must harness the skills of all the individuals and pull together for the common good.  Clear communication, the formulation of a plan, the ability to react to the circumstances they find themselves in, successful sharing of knowledge and experience from within the team will all ultimately lead to the rescue and the success of the team.  


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