Ice Breakers & Energisers

BlueSky Experiences can provide the perfect accompaniment to your conference or meeting days, designed to remove any tension and uneasiness allowing for a more open, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all parties.

Ice_Breakers_Ice_Cube.jpgIce Breakers

Ice Breakers are structured activities designed to relax delegates and introduce them to each other in what is normally a formal atmosphere or situation. Ice breakers work to help individuals mix and form groupings in a non-threatening and fun way.


During meeting, workshops or training sessions, there will always be occasions where energy and attention levels drop. This is particularly relevant toward to end of the meeting or after lunch.

Energisers help to make long meetings, conferences and presentations more fun and engaging as well as more productive, as an active, alert and engaged audience will make more meaningful and influential decisions, allowing you to get the most out of your day.


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