Treasure Hunts have always been one of the most popular of corporate events. Now we have developed some of the most inspiring and ingenious treasure hunts using Samsung Tab4 tablets.


The team building challenge where teams compete and cooperate simultaneously. Action oriented and fun challenges are mixed with collaborative missions that require the teams to communicate and coordinate other’s actions. The teams are spread out, in the same city or far away in different regions or even countries! Some of the missions can only be solved by another team somewhere else. The score is calculated from their collaborative efforts, a perfect way of building strong teams.


Our entire portfolio of smart phone treasure hunts are easy to set up for small to large group sizes and can be tailored to any venue. They will ensure that they will be fully involved and on level terms regardless of their abilities. The unique mix of mental, tactical and knowledge based challenges in a competitive environment will also ensure the team will be fully energized and exhilarated on their return to the office.

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