Boot Camp


Our Boot Camps are designed to get your whole team active and working together.

A combination of tough mental and physical challenges will engage all members of your team, regardless of their physical ability, encouraging team work in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

Your group will be led through one of our tough & engaging courses by one of our skilled and professional instructors. Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Military Fitness Drills
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Circuit Training
  • Team Challenges
  • Hiking, Cycling Running & more

These activities are designed for the outdoors. However, with adequate space, most activities can be modified to work indoors.


Aside from the health benefits that come with leading an active lifestyle, our Boot Camp can also deliver some lasting benefits for your business:

  • Studies report that employees who lead an active lifestyle take fewer sick days
  • Fit and healthy individuals are generally more motivated in both their personal and working lives
  • During the activities, individuals will gain a new understanding of the dynamics within their team and the impact that they can have on others

Additional Offering

We can provide pre or post-event nutrition in the form of a hot or cold lunch. We can also provide performance nutritional products such as protein shakes to give the day a serious edge.

With enough notice, we can also have branded t-shirts manufactured to provide a physical keepsake for your employees.

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