Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting


Laser Clay Shooting is the ideal leisure pursuit for every one of all ages to enjoy and participate in. Laser Clays is a mobile sporting activity which offers both fun and competition for all participants.

We require a minimum area of 50 Metres x 20 Metres to comfortably lay out our equipment and allow for the flight path of the re-useable plastic clays.

Laser Clay Shooting works with an Infra Red beam being fired at the reflective clays. The return path for the beam instructs the shooter when they have hit the clay and also advises the electronic scoreboard who was successful during that shot.

Laser Clay Shooting offers a number of benefits over traditional Clay Shooting:

  • Environmentally Friendly Leisure Pursuit
  • No Risk of injury, or damage, to humans, animals or the countryside.
  • De-activated shotguns eliminate any gun recoil and therefore avoid sore shoulders for shooters
  • Multiple users can participate at the same time (up to 5 at a time) encouraging a fun or competitive approach.
  • Immediate scoring for all shooters, and audience, to view on the electronic scoreboard.
  • Five different scoring games available to increase the level enjoyment and /or competition.
  • Various Clay Shooting opportunities exist including 'shooting away', 'overhead' and 'rabbits'.

Laser Clays is an ideal way for businesses to entertain staff and customers or as a get together for friends.

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