BlueSky Experiences offer a wide range of products and services under the Inflatables category. Below are a few of the activities we offer, please call 01738 840 804 for a full list.

Sumo Wrestling & Gladiator Duel

Our fantastic, and very popular, sumo wrestling suits are great way to spice up any event  with a wee bit of healthy competition . 

The foam packed Super Sumo Suits will make you the size of a huge clumsy Japanese wrestler. Head protectors, in the style of the traditional Sumo hair cuts are compulsory! 

The official object of the sumo wrestling game is to either push, pull, trip, or throw your opponent out of the coloured circle on the thick padded, mat, or force them onto their back. 

'Splatting' your fallen opponent is usual Super Sumo wrestling etiquette. 

Huge fun for everyone !

Gladiator Duelling

Gladiator Ready…….. Contender Ready………… 

Armed with your padded pugil sticks atop the gladiator podium, get ready to rumble ! 

Balance is key as you try to bish, bash & bosh your opponent of of his or her pedestal and pummel your way to victory! 

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