Night at the Races


Take your seat in the owners box at your chosen racetrack. Listen to the chief Steward MC give details of tonight's races. Place your bets at the Tote; listen to top television pundits giving you the inside low-down on the runners.

Then "They're off!" Fuelled by the enthusiasm of the crowd, the jockeys will vie for first place in a dash to the finish line.

Following an introductory announcement by the MC, guests will place their bets at the "Tote" a designated area decorated with Bunting and Festoon Lights. Our experienced staff will explain the system of betting and ensure that everyone has the bet they want.

Tote Booth

Once all bets are down, the Tote will close and the race video is chosen at random by a member of the audience. The MC will then run the introductory clip where you will hear detail of all of the horses in this race. Have you picked the favourite or backed a donkey?

They're off! Guests will be encouraged to cheer for their chosen steed and watch as they charge across the finish line. Let's hope you chose well.

Payment for tickets is with fun money, which could then be exchanged for prizes at the end of the night. Our complete theme package can include specially commissioned famous race course named Table Centres; Bunting; Jockey Caps: Rosettes, Festoon Lights and picket fencing.

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