Scotland is the home to a fantastic array of birds of prey, and a great tradition of falconry. Our Falconry Experience complements any corporate or social event, offering exhilarating displays of eagles, hawks, falcons, buzzards and owls, including Hawk Hunts in natural vegetation where team members can learn how to handle and fly the birds before the hunt.

Falconry, quite simply, is the flying of a trained bird of prey at a chosen quarry. The bird is not tame or domesticated but chooses to work as a team with the man or woman in pursuit of that quarry. Each bird flies with particular skills: the eagle has power and strength, the falcon has breath-taking speed and the hawk has assurance and agility. All have undeniable beauty and grace and the experience of flying and working with one of these wonderful birds is one that will you always remember. BlueSky Experiences also has a selection of owls, that for sheer close up appreciation of beauty and grace is hard to beat.

To call an eagle owl and see it leave its block to glide effortlessly to land on your glove 150 metres away is just awe-inspiring. That huge wingspan and those two large orange eyes unswervingly fixed on the target.

BlueSky Experiences has a good selection of eagles, hawks, falcons, buzzards and owls that can be used for either demonstrations or hawking.

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