Sales Effectiveness


Our Sales Effectiveness programme has been designed to encourage participants to think about their actions as a salesperson and what steps they can put in place to increase their effectiveness and become more effective in their role.

Participants will be encouraged to think:

  • Who am I? What are my strengths and weaknesses in selling?
  • How do my customers perceive me?
  • How can I better understand my customer's style?
  • How does my customer's style relate to mine?
  • How do I need to adapt my behaviour so that I can more effectively influence a customer?

Our programme

This programme involves the Effective Selling chapter of your Insights Personal Effectiveness programme and draws upon the many ways in which the different colour energies react with each other, and how to manage this in order to be more productive.

The programme follows the participant’s journey from before the sale begins to identifying the customer’s needs and dealing with buying resistance, right the way through to the post-sale follow up and follow through.


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