Presentation Skills


The aim of our Presentation Skills training is to provide you with the ability to deliver presentations with skill and confidence.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to structure a presentation
  • Describe how to engage your audience through powerful introductions, meaningful middles and convincing conclusions
  • Identify the best practice communication skills
  • Recall techniques to control signs of nerves
  • Describe how to use visual aids
  • Prepare a presentation action plan
Your facilitator will coach you through all of the key points of a successful and impactive presentation, covering: knowing your audience, the importance of timing, appearance, nerve control and how to handle tricky questions and interruptions, amongst many more invaluable knowledge points.

The session will culminate in a practise session where you will present a short presentation to your facilitator, who will then coach you via in-depth feedback, helping to instil the learnings making you more confident and knowledgeable when you come to deliver your next presentation.

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