Personal Effectiveness


Are you looking for an inspiring personal development experience? Do you want to improve your own intrapersonal dynamics? Are you looking to better understand yourself and others? If your answer is yes, you would benefit from our programme.

Our programme

The Insights Personal Effectiveness Programme provides an introduction to the Insights Discovery learning system and the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. The approach is fun and interactive, and gives you a language and framework for understanding yourself and others better which you can put into practice immediately.

Using your Insights Discovery Personal Profile, our programme enables you to understand your own personality better, to identify other types of personalities and adapt to different communication needs.

The use of four colour energies - Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue - creates a memorable common language and framework on which you can base your interactions in the future. The Insights Personal Effectiveness Programme is tailored to customer requirements, and can range from a 90-minute executive briefing to modular sessions over a period of weeks and months.


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