Facilitated Team Building

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Facilitated team building programmes to increase purpose and direction

”None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Facilitated Team Building will increase the purpose and direction of your team. Our customised programmes will prepare your team to address its business tasks more efficiently, helping participants understand the values, behaviours and skills required to be an effective team member.

BlueSky’s facilitated team building programmes are individually customised for each client, to ensure maximum relevance and impact. The joint aims of our team building courses are to develop awareness and help promote team cohesion, thereby creating a stronger, more unified team with a clear sense of purpose and identity.

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The benefits of BlueSky thinking

Our high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business are testament to the quality of our facilitated team building courses. Many clients return to us regularly for further training or send additional groups from their company, so that colleagues can benefit from similar positive experiences of team building the BlueSky way.

BlueSky clients recognise the outstanding success of our facilitated team building which helps participants to:

  • Understand the team’s goal and purpose.
  • Be clear about what is expected of each team member.
  • Identify the values, skills and standards that the team works with.
  • Experience the sense of “team” that delivers these.
  • Appreciate the responsibilities and rewards of being in the team.
  • Be aware of various models of teamwork.
  • Understand the development process that teams go through as they mature.

Our unique mix of experiential learning exercises and tasks includes:

  • The Low Ropes course – an excellent experiential learning tool, where communication and motivation are the key behaviours explored and analysed.
  • The High Ropes require a team to work together as well as trust and support one another through a series of tasks that demand attention to detail and close collaboration.
  • Colour Blind allows us to explore the common language that teams use, comparing individuals’ perceptions with reality.
  • Magic Stick – if you think you work well as a team and listen to one another, this task will reveal instantly whether this is indeed the case.

Valuable feedback from experiential team building activities

Under the guidance of our skilled facilitators, your chosen team members will take part in a mix of experiential learning exercises and tasks which are then reviewed constructively by the whole team in a facilitated feedback session.

Using BlueSky’s proven techniques, our trainers will focus on your specific goals, empowering your team with enhanced confidence and dynamism, plus valuable new skill sets. Following our training, the team will return with a fresh perspective, able to appreciate the value of diversity within their team, and will be more efficient and effective in your business environment.

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